Name: Sharron ‘Shock’ Hallows [Open]

Age: 20

Clique: Suffering

Disorder: Kleptomania

FC: Daisy Lowe

Bio: Oldest of the three Hallows siblings, and the only girl out of the three of them, it’s Sharron Hallows. But, no one calls her Sharron, unless they want to experience a long, dragged out, and extremely painful death. Therefore, instead of going by ‘Sharron’ she makes everyone call her ‘Shock’.

Shock is one of those girls that you actually expect to Aspiration. She lives up to the expectations of the critics, and actually doesn’t care about the comments she gets. Shock’s not one to care an awful lot. It’s not as though she just woke up one day with the ‘I don’t even give a fuck attitude’, which most people think happened. A series of unfortunate events lead to Shocks lack of lady-like actions. This all started when she was the mere age of fourteen, Shock started to realise that she wasn’t quite like all the other girls she went to school with. While everyone else fanned over the hottest boys in the school, watching the rugby team practice and spying on their hot bodies, Shock found herself becoming attracted to both girls and boys. When word got out about her attractions, Shock couldn’t have cared less. Which of course infuriated the gossipers, and just made Shock laugh.

Two years later, the gossip still flied about Shock, but all that it did was help Shock get the reputation that she always wanted. Soon she was getting it on with people from both sexes at the crazy parties she attended almost every night. If you looked up ‘no shame’ in the dictionary, then it would would come up with a picture of her, as she drank down a giant bottle of vodka, wearing the sluttiest out fit you have ever seen. This type of life style went on for a long time for Shock. And not once during that time did she fail to be the center of attention, but as time went on, Shock found her self becoming more and more rebellious, so before anyone knew it, she was not only the bisexual, party girl of the school, but the bisexual, party, bad girl too. She knew herself that it would just be a matter of time before she started turning bad too, but she didn’t think that it would be on quite the level that it turned out to reach.

With her knew ‘bad girl’ reputation, Shock decided that it would be adequate if for her to steal from the local corner shop. It wasn’t much, just a packet of gum and a silver lighter. It would have only been five dollars for her to buy it. But she got such a rush, so much adrenalin, that she didn’t even care. Soon it progressed to bigger things, like CD’s and jewelry. It wasn’t long after Shock started taking more noticeable items, that her parents realised what she was up to. At first they believed that she was pick pocketing, and tried to just punish her for her behavior, hoping that it would stop Shock for continuing stealing, but when that didn’t work, they took her to a mental facility, much to Shock’s disgust, and had her diagnosed with Kleptomania. For no more than a day did Shock actually care that she had a mental illness. After that, it was back to her usual ways.

Shock was enrolled to Aspiration only a short month after her diagnoses  Although her parents tell her that it is because they believe that Aspiration is the best place for Shock to be, she knows that it’s just because she’s too much to handle. Her parents don’t want to have to deal with her urges and stealing, or all the visits from the police. As it turns out, Aspiration is the best place for Shock run havoc at. With no parents around, then there is no telling what she will get up to.

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