Name: James Hook [Open]

Age: 22

Clique: Sociopaths

Disorder: Paranoia Schizophrenia

FC: Colin O’Donoghue

Bio: Captain James Hook. Who would have ever thought that a aggressive twenty-two year old boy, a rebellious fight and the leader of an all boys street gang would be attacked by a girl, diagnosed with Paranoia Schizophrenia, and sent to Louisiana’s mental school. He’s the type of person who can scare off a thug biker, yet he can be a gentleman when he wants to too. Yet even though he can be a gentleman, James still gets what he wants, when he wants it.

James Hook was always a very dominant boy. He was always in charge, and he never stood done to anyone else, and even from a very young age, if anyone ever tried to mess with him, then they would find themselves in a world of pain and torture. James’s parents always just believed that he was over confident, they never saw the menacing darkness within him. No matter how much teachers and other parents tried to convince Kelly and Scott Hook, they would never believe that their son was anything but a bundle of love, kindness and shining, gold stars. And even when James got suspended from school for four days in year five, because he repeatedly punched a boy in grade six in the face for telling him to ‘fuck off’, his parents insisted that it was the other boys fault for being rude and unthoughtful towards James. It was times like this, when James couldn’t stand being around his parents. He wanted to have the bad-boy reputation, but he couldn’t have anything like it with his parents constantly around. So one night, he quickly filled his bag with a few pairs of clothes, a bundle of cash, his iPod and three knifes that he had kept hidden, and ran away. He hit the streets that night, and only a few days later was he accepted into a group of rogues just like him who named themselves ‘The Pirates’, and he became the leader of the group, making him ‘Captain Hook’ to all. He was the most feared Pirate throughout the streets and just loved being so.

It wasn’t long until James had explored all of the streets, and knew all of the gangs within them. One that held a special interest was an all girl group, who went by the name of ‘The Mermaids’. When he first heard of them, James scoffed, due to the childish name, he believed that the group would be filled with girls who still believed in Santa Claus and fairies, things that James thought were both vile and disgusting. But it wasn’t until James met two of the members that he changed his mind. The beautiful Ione Waters and rogue, yet sexy, Sabrina Croce. James fell completely into lust with the two girls, and it wasn’t long until he and Sabrina were dating. They weren’t exactly the type of couple who went out on romantic dates a lot, but more the kind that spend all of their time inside a bedroom. And even whilst he was with Sabrina, James’s wandering eye continued to wander, and every time it did so, it would surely land on Ione. Because, James Hook can never really be happy. He always believes that the grass is greener on the other side, so even though Sabrina was clearly head over heels with him, James needed more. One drunken night after a party with the other Pirates, James set off to find Sabrina, who he found however, was no Sabrina, it was in fact Ione. James was a drunken mess, he was not him usual self, which lead him to preform actions which his usual self would not. James had always had a thing for Ione, he had always seen her as a beautiful girl, and he had always been attracted her, but Ione was never one to show anything but distrust and a large amount of dislike towards James. James didn’t enjoy having people not like him, so he advanced on Ione, using all of his moves. It wasn’t long until James had overpowered Ione, and Ione was sexually assaulted.

It wasn’t long until Sabrina found out about James actions, as a Ione was severely shaken up. Instead of going to the police, Sabrina took matters into her own hands, and came after James. James wasn’t expecting it, he had been walking towards a pub when he saw Sabrina lurking in the shadows, he went towards her, doubting that Ione had told him anything, but he was highly wrong. Before James could even say ‘hey babe’, Sabrina was attacking him. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before and her hands and feet where everywhere, attacking him all over at once. Sabrina had taken James completely by surprise. And after James was cut and bruised, lying in a heap on the floor, Sabrina gave James one last thing for him to remember her by. Sabrina grabbed James’s wrist and bit down on it as hard as she could. Pain rushed through James’s body, as she tightened her jaw down on his hand. James was screaming as Sabrina left him in the dark alley, seductively laughing as she went. James staggered to the hospital, where he found out that his wrist had been broken. James being James filed charges against Sabrina for attacking him, but when Sabrina told the police why she had attacked James, James found himself in a bucket load of charges too. He would have been sent for jail for his actions against Ione, but due to the fact that he developed Paranoia Schizophrenia after Sabrina attacked him, the court decided that it would be unfit for a mental man to be living in a jail. He was petrified of Sabrina, even if she just looked at him, he would have an anxiety attack. Of course Sabrina used this to her benefit, and enjoyed traumatising him, as every time she saw him, she imitated the sound of a clock, now every time James hears one, he smashes it, he can’t deal with the little ‘tick tock, tick tock’ that they make. With James’s growing paranoia that Sabrina would come after him after him, to break his other hand, as the first that she tampered with was never the same again. James was then forced by the court to go to Aspiration Academy for his final years of studying, as he hadn’t even went to school since he ran away from his parents.

Aspiration Academy seemed to be a good option for James. Although he was used to living on the streets, he didn’t exactly want to be living in a dingy jail cell. The fact that the court and the school thought he was insane, however did not please James. Insane people were not his cup of tea. And even though all the doctors agreed that he had Paranoia Schizophrenia James refused to believe it. But now that Sabrina is also enrolled at Aspiration, James finds himself slipping further and further into the grasps of his anxiety.

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Admin Note

To everyone who is connected to this roleplay, I would just like to apologise. I know that I only have 3 people currently playing characters, and this rp hasn’t exactly taken off yet, but I still should have said something earlier.

Due to the fact that I have been in a lot of trouble at home, I haven’t been able to get on. However, that shall soon be changing. I am currently in the middle of writing Captain Hooks bio, which will be followed up with his ex-lover, the Crocodile.

It’s also the last week of school, so I’m not exactly doing much in class. I’ll try to get Shere Khan, Michael Darling, and one of the lionesses from The Lion King done by the end of the week too.

- Caitlin x

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Audition Accepted!

Hiya there, thank you so much for your audition, you’re defiantly accepted (: Don’t worry that you’ve never did this before, everyone has to start somewhere. Just make Alice’s account and message in on the account so that I can put it up of the blog and you can start rp-ing here. Whooh! 4 characters taken now ahah (:


14 (Almost 15)

USA Central

Alice Kingsley

So I haven’t done this before, So I’m sorry if I don’t do it right.

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Name: Cleo Gold [Open]

Age: 18

Clique: Capgras Delusion

Disorder: Sociopath

FC: Rita Ora

Bio: Cleo Gold. What can you say that’s bad about Cleo? She’s beautiful, kind, caring and compassionate. She’s an amazing singer, and a peace keeper within her family. The only thing wrong with her, is the fact she tried to attack her parents after she woke up from a car crash with a metal disorder embedded deep inside her head.

At the young, tender age of seventeen Cleo wanted none other than to have a happy peaceful family like all the other girls in her grade did. She wanted to go fishing with her father, have picnics with her mother, for them to stay up late at night playing monopoly and watching reality TV shows. She just wanted to be like everyone else. But instead, Cleo lived with her mother in New Jersey, where her mother worked late shifts every night in the local hospital, coming home at 2am in the morning most days. And her father lived in Ohio with his third wife since Cleo’s parents got divorced five years ago. Growing up almost by herself was hard for Cleo. Her mother was at work, instead of making sure that she was okay, and that there was no problem in her life, and her father was hunting for a new wife, instead of asking Cleo how her day had been and putting her to bed at night. She had to learn to do things by herself from a very young age. Whether it be the best way to iron her clothes, or making sure she had enough money for the bus fare and food, Cleo had to do it all by herself. This left Cleo with what other people thought where the best parents in the world, but leaving Cleo with only a feeling of abandonment. She loved her parents of course, and just wanted them to be happy, but there was still that part of her to be treated like she had before the divorce; with love and care.

When news came to Cleo that her almost none-existent father had gotten engaged for the fifth time, and he wanted her to come down to Ohio for the engagement party, Cleo couldn’t help but feel slightly wary as her mother hadn’t gotten an invitation  so she would have to drive the 3 and a half hour trip by herself. But after a pep talk from her mother about how good of a driver Cleo was, and that if she couldn’t do the drive, her driving instructor would never have passed her in the first place, Cleo was confident enough to get in the drivers seat with a suit case in  the back of her little Suzuki Swift, and a cup of coffee in the chair next to her. For the first two hours of her drive, Cleo was going fine. But as the radio changed to her favorite song, all hell began to break loose. As ‘Just A Girl’, by No Doubt, played at full volume and Cleo began to dance in her seat and sing along at the top of her lungs, she never noticed the car in front of her quickly change lanes until Cleo could do nothing but scream as it hit the front of her car, making it swerve before rolling several times, with the last thing she registered being Gwen Stefani yell’I’m just a Girl!’. 

The next time Cleo woke up, the first thing she saw was a bright light over her head, followed by a two familiar faces and one not so much. It wasn’t until a ‘what happened?’ escaped her mouth that Cleo realised who stood over her. The first, obviously being a doctor, due to the white coat he wore and clipboard her held in his hand, but the other two were none other than impostors. “Who are they?” she began to yell, quickly shuffling over to the protection of the doctor. A confused look took place on the impostors faces as soon as she spoke. “They’re your parents” the doctor replied, the surprise and alarm clear in his voice. “No they’re not! That’s not my parents! What did you do to them? Where are they?” Cleo sheared before grabbing the doctors clipboard and throwing it at her ‘parents’. The doctor quickly ushered them out of the room due to Cleo’s distress, and started immediate tests on her which lead to them finding out that Cleo had developed Capgras Delusion as a result of the crash. This meant that Cleo no longer believed that her parents where actually her parents, but rather strangers who had killed her parents and taken their identities. Cleo could talk to her parents over the phone, but if she ever saw them, then she would freak out and try to attack them. Together, Cleo’s doctor and her parents decided that it would be best if she moved away, so that she could continue to live a normal, and mostly healthy life.

Once Cleo moved to Aspiration, she could feel herself become more comfortable and less likely to have another one of her fits. She is still the person that she was before the crash, but not around her parents. Straight away Cleo began to fit in, becoming friends with a boy by the name of Pinocchio Wood and small crush on the mischievous Figaro Catt. Cleo never speaks of why she is in Aspiration in the first place, and if someone asks then she will either simply stop talking or change the topic. The only thing that keeps Cleo from going insane from not having her parents, even though they weren’t exactly a big part of her life in the first place, is Pinocchio, Figaro and her newly found love for singing.

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Name: Maleficent Green [Open]

Age: 21

Clique: Nymphomanic

Disorder: Necrophilia

FC: Megan Fox

Bio: Evil, cunning, deadly and destructive, it is none other than Miss Maleficent Green. She’s the girl that everyone is afraid of and that’s just the way that she likes it. Maleficent is like the beast that lurks within your wardrobe, just waiting for the right time to pounce. She’s an all round Evil Bitch and isn’t ashamed to let people know either.

Maleficent’s childhood was slightly different to most of the other children’s her age. While they went off, playing with dolls and action figures, making friends and just having a good time, Maleficent was somewhere else. She pulled the heads of all of the dolls she was ever given, drowned all of her babies in the bathtub and ripped all of the pages out of her books. Her parents always just thought that it was a stage she would eventually grow out of, but she never did. On Maleficent’s seventh birthday, her mother had invited some of the girls from her school to play for a few hours. Except, instead of playing like all the other girls did, Maleficent brought out the scissors and cut all of the girls hairs off. By the end of the day, they all looked like crazy children, apart from Maleficent. When the mothers came to pick up their emotionally scarred children, Maleficent just stood there, smiling like she had did nothing wrong at all.

During High School, Maleficent’s behavior just got worse and worse. It was no surprise to anyway when Maleficent began to smoke and drink in just her first year, as her parents had gave up on her years ago, just like everyone else seemed to have. In her second year of high school, Maleficent decided that she wanted to change her look. She had always been a beautiful girl. Long black hair, tanned skin, gorgeous eyes, toned body and large boobs, Maleficent was one of those drop dead girls that turns everyone’s heads. But she wanted that no more. Maleficent wanted to be the girl that everyone knew and feared. She started wearing heavier make up, more ‘punk’ and ‘goth’ clothing, and she even started hanging out with the more dead beat crowd, making them like her own personal slaves. One goth that Maleficent was none other than Diablo Raven, a boy a year younger than her, but showed much potential for Maleficent. Maleficent turned Diablo from a fairly nice boy with a Gothic twist, to a figure who was almost like an evil henchman for Maleficent.

When Maleficent graduated High School, she had toned down slightly on the Gothic look, but she was more evil than ever before. She called her self ‘The Mistress Of All Evil’ and still does even now. For the next few years of her life, Maleficent, though keeping her slutty look, began to get weirder and weirder. She would go to heavy metal and ‘screamo’ concrerts, and for a while she even worked in a grunge store called ‘Death By Angels’, due to her excellent taste in fashion. But while this might seem fairly normal, the thing that was wrong with Maleficent was deep down inside her. What started out with just an interest in death progressed into a full fetish for the dead. As Maleficent still lived at home, due to her lack of money, her parents slowly but surely began to pick up on her ‘new thing’, until it got to the point where they forced her to go to Aspiration as they didn’t want outsiders to judge the whole family just on Maleficent, but they were also slightly scared of her too. Maleficent had no problems with going to Aspiration as she figured, what was better than living with a load of loonies?

Being at Aspiration might just be one of the best things that has ever happened to Maleficent, other than meeting Diablo who also attends the school due to his own problems that Maleficent never bothered to learn about, as she only truly cares for herself. At Aspiration she has an almost free run, basically everyone is afraid of her, and she can do whatever she wants, when she wants and how she wants. She’s not the type that can sit down and do nothing for very long. Maleficent always needs to be coming up with more evil plans, and her biggest one yet would to do none other than rule the school, which of course is easier said than done, but if anyone can do it, Maleficent can.

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Anonymous inquired:

Which characters are going to have hallucinations?

Right now Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has them, but I’m going to be writing some more characters that don’t really have much background information, ie. The ‘Fantasia’ cast and some of the puppies from ‘One Hundred And One Dalmatians  and maybe give one or two of them hallucinations too. But if you have any characters that you would like to have hallucinations then just ask and I’ll see what I can do (:

Audition Accepted!

Ah! Josie, why are your para’s so perfect? Ohmygod, of course you’re accepted! So far it’s only you and Charlie, so of course there is no need for much activity right now, but I’ll tell you once we get more apps and such (;

OOC Name: Josie

OOC Age: 14

Country of Residence and GMT: Australia, GMT+10

Wanted Character Name: Bambi Stag

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